Start to PvP Your Way to Amazing Epic Items.

Part of the beauty of World Warcraft, is the fact that you don't just have to spend all your time fighting mobs. While fighting mobs can be challenging, and certainly a lot of the higher instances and raids are difficult to say the least, it can get slightly laborious to repeat the same content over and over.

As such, World of Warcraft has its very own PvP (Player versus Player) system that pits characters from each faction against one another. Know what the best part is though? There are rewards on offer that are actually pretty incredible!

On the whole the PvP system as it exists in World of Warcraft nowadays is centered on two main areas: Battlegrounds and the Arena.

Essentially, battlegrounds are exactly what you'd expect by their name: Maps on which players form teams according to their faction (i.e. 10 vs. 10 or 15 vs. 15 and so on) and then compete against one another to fulfill certain objectives.

Each battleground has a different objective, for example: Warsong Gulch is a 'capture the flag' type of battleground, whereas Arathi Basin requires you to capture bases and gather resources by doing so.

Winning battlegrounds gives you honor points and marks that can then be used to purchase some pretty amazing pieces of gear.

Apart from battlegrounds though, a lot of the PvP that goes on nowadays is centered on the Arena, where Level 90 characters form teams of 2, 3, or 5 players and then compete against each other as often as they desire.

Based on how much you win or lose, your arena rating will shift and you'll earn arena points based on that rating on a weekly basis. With those arena points, you can purchase the top PvP armor sets, and that will really set your character apart from most of the others.

Bear in mind that competing against players is a very different ball game from just fighting mobs, and you're going to have to practice and acquire the skills necessary to hold your own on these battlefields!

Still, it is a really fun and integral part of the game that you should try your hand in whenever possible. Don't miss out on the potential of having a full set of PvP gear, and be sure to start PvPing as soon as possible so that you acquire the knack sooner rather than later!

World Warcraft, it is a great MMORPG, and it's growing all the time, don't hesitate to contact us for more information.