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As an avid gamer on World of Warcraft, you should understand the importance of Wow Gold. Without it, you can’t buy skills, armor or many more items that can aid you through the various levels. Here are a few ways I have personally used to gain more Wow gold and creep up the levels fast.

1. Gathering Professions.

If you know your way around the game, you must have heard about gathering professions. On these levels, you can collect the raw materials used by other players to make gaming items. I have gathered a lot of gold from professions such as mining, enchanting, skinning and much more.

You’re limited to two professions, so you should consider fishing and cooking that don’t count against this limit. However, as you go up, you can always drop one of the professions and try blacksmithing, crafting jewels or leatherworking. Gathering professions are the best for making gold fast, but you can also make money from trade professions.

2. The Outlands.

There are enormous costs incurred for flying mounts so you can get more gold in the Outlands that staying in Azeroth. I prefer to stay in Azeroth until level 60 since exp and money rewards were introduced at this level. Once you get to the Outlands, you can begin farming the elemental motes. They will come in handy for Burning Crusade because people will pay a lot of money for them, especially in the auction house.

The same principle can be used in Northrend where lazy players will pay you lots of money for Eternals. Therefore, instead of spending a lot of money buying new items in the auction house, you should consider running an instance to get new gear or complete quests to save a lot of gold.

3. Better Gaming Gear.

Rather than completing every quest in each level, you should consider running a few instances and gain better gear. Even better, you will get more money. Also, you should save the quests for at least level 90. I prefer this because you can get more gold at higher levels such as 23 rather than the standard 2 bars of gold per quest. Another secret to making more gold is leaving the quests untouched until you’re in the higher level zones. That way, you can make as much as 3000 gold bars for each zone.

Try these few amazing tips and gain more gold from your World of Warcraft profile!

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